Group Partners




Since it’s foundation in 1907 by colonel Frank Sheppee, Sheppee have been at the fore-front of technology development. In it’s early days, the company developed a varied range of products starting with steam powered traction engines and moving on to produce washing machines and vacuum cleaners and other household equipment that we take for granted now-a-days. It wasn’t until the 1920s when Sheppee began supplying specialist equipment to the glass industry, and has done so ever since!

Fast forward to the present day and Sheppee are known globally as world leaders in hot end ware handling technology. They boast a wide range of equipment focusing on innovation and development to suite the ever-evolving demands of the container glass industry.





Since their foundation in the 1950s, Graphoidal Developments have been specialists in the design and manufacture of machine lubrication, shear spray systems and container coating systems for both the hot and cold ends of the glass container and tableware industries.

With a focus on precise and maintained dosing and pumping, Graphoidal strive to supply the most efficient and reliable technology in its field with the aim of improving production efficiency and reducing wastage.





Rondot was originally set up in 1936 as an importer of spare parts from America for the French textile and glass industries. The company grew quickly in the textile industry and maintained activity in the glass industry until the 1980s when the trend reversed.

Today Rondot continue to serve the needs of the international glass industry, focusing on hot end variables and inspection equipment including the world-famous handy pyrometer and delivery equipment , especially the stainless steel scoop!







If it repairs, maintains, cleans or inspects moulds and plungers etc, Sonicam supply it! Sonicam were founded in 1976 as a mould shop contractor using their own equipment to maintain and inspect moulds for local factories before returning them.

It wasn’t long until factories started to make enquiries to purchase some of this equipment for themselves and Sonicam have not looked back since! Now-a-days, you can find a piece of Sonicam equipment in 3 quarters of mould shops world-wide. They are most famous for their gauging machines, polishing machines and mould inspection equipment and are now able to take on green field projects!





Novaxion’s story begins back in 1988 with Graduate engineer Christophe Duplan. Mr Duplan had an idea to create a ball gathering robot by adapting pre-existing technology to meet his requirements in order to reduce cost and development time while tapping into pre-existing support networks.

Following his success in developing ball gathering machines, Mr Duplan formed the company Cyberglass in 1992 which later became Novaxion. Through the years a strong partnership with Fanuc robotics was maintained and was instrumental for the successful development of the I.S machine swabbing robot in 2005. Further developments in this field have seen Novaxion grow to be the world leader in IS machine blank and neck ring swabbing robots.